Comprehensive Port Operations and Management Solutions

Systemthai Company Limited (SST) provides expert marine services, stevedoring, container terminal management, and maintenance of port facility services in the Kingdom of Thailand.

SST is now present on both the east and west coasts of Thailand.

SST has perfected the implementation process and provides the following services to ensure a well-executed project and assure you that we are there to meet your ongoing needs:

Business Process Consulting

SST offers in-depth consulting services on maritime port, pilotage and VTMS business processes. Our staff has years of experience with best practices in ports and can provide you with expert recommendations on how to make your business processes as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Ship Traffic and Communications - VTMS Control Tower operations

We provide qualified manpower for manning and operating the radio communication at Ports for control of ship movement and other related communication. The radio operators are responsible for receiving and sending reports to all vessels within the Port, coordinating with ship agents, monitoring movements of all vessels, and alerting appropriate authority during emergency services etc.

Mooring Services (Provision of Mooring Gang)

We provide highly efficient Mooring services headed by an experience Mooring Supervisor to carry out all our mooring operations. We moor ocean-going vessels of all kinds in a round-the-clock service. We offer our customers service-oriented, expert, flexible operations. The members of mooring the team will either have ship board experience or similar jetty experience. These members are well trained in basic seaman ship, fire fighting, Anti-pollution and life saving techniques.

We conduct periodic on site courses in safety, fire and pollution prevention. Regular safety drills are also conducted to ensure a complete understanding of prevention, reporting and response procedure as per contingency management plan of the Port.

Navigation buoy and AtoN management / monitoring

We offer specialized services relating to marine navigation buoy, nautical safety and products in use for maritime hazard marking. Complete technical consultation services and comprehensive project assistance for our entire line of ATON products. Whether you are replacing or upgrading existing navigation aids or starting from scratch, our helpful and knowledgeable staff will start by helping you make the proper product selection and then follow through by providing comprehensive project planning and proper deployment strategies for the various types of aids to navigation.

We also provide Manpower for the upkeep and maintenance of Navigational Aids. Experienced senior engineer along with Technicians and Divers are deployed for Maintenance of Navigational Aids and buoys on periodic basis during all the projects.

Virtual AIS Station (Beacon)

The Virtual AIS Station electronically marks marine assets so they are visible to all AIS equipped vessels. It also monitors all traffic, feeding data to our 24/7 cloud service for processing against customized smart rules. When high risk activity is detected, the Virtual AIS Station sends a communication directly to the vesselís navigation systems through their AIS, thereby protecting your asset.

The worlds first Virtual AIS Beacon remotely marks multiple marine assets or hazards without the need for costly physical infrastructure. By monitoring vessel traffic within your protection zones it provides real time visibility of high risk activity. Used by ports, offshore gas facilities, environmental protection authorities and many others, our Beacons have been deployed around the world to improve marine safety and protect assets.

1. Mark: Remotely mark your undersea assets with Virtual Aids to Navigation so they are visible to vessels through their on-board AIS systems

2. Monitor: Monitor vessels near your assets, including real time position, speed, course, size, draft, name and callsign

3. Alert: Configure smart rules that will alert you when vessel activity poses a threat to your asset

4. Prevent: Automatically send an alert directly to the vessel through their electronic navigation system

Oil spill Response Services

We can supply, maintain and operate a huge spread of Oil Spill Response equipments like air inflatable booms, Skimmers, floating tanks, Oil Dispersant sprayers to assist in containment of oil spills at various operational sites. Having a diversified operational experience and many oil spill experts on roll, we are geared to provide our clients a safe and effective International practice of Oil spill Management.

Preparation of Manuals such as Port Operation Manual, Disaster Management Plan etc.

Our associate experts with vast experience in handling International Ports, Terminals, Jettys etc. develop Port operation manuals and emergency plans such as Disaster Management Plan for our Clients, mainly for the green field project developers.


With a formidable fleet of Cutter Suction Dredgers coupled with flotilla Split hopper barges, SST is well positioned to cater to the capital and maintenance dredging requirements of Ports / facilities in Thailand Market.

These activities are supported by fleet of tugs and elevator (dry well) hopper barges as well as towed split barges with remotely operated splitting operation. The dredging division at SST can provide an end-to-end dredging package and can also cater for disposal of dredged materials to appropriately licensed areas on land or at sea.

Equipped with experienced and highly skilled Personnel, we have successfully executed numerous projects in Thailand in various marine conditions and difficult terrains, Inland waters etc. Our company boasts a clientele of high repute and repeat contracts in the maintenance dredging segment.

We are also currently in discussions with several other Port Authorities all of whom have come to SST precisely because of this well-deserved reputation for achieving good performance and working co-operatively with Port Authorities for long term solutions and mutual benefit.

Our Services:

Port Management

● Stevedoring Services

● Container Terminal Management

● General Cargo Terminal Management

Marine Services

● Pilotage and Tugging Services

● Maintenance of Marine Crafts

● Maintenance and Cleaning of Marine Facilities

● Control Tower Operations:

     ● Operations and Maintenance of Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS)

     ● Operations and Maintenance of Radar Systems

● Marine Rescue Services

● Performing Marine Hydrographic Surveys

● Diving and Underwater Works

● Operating and Maintaining Aids for Navigation

● Pollution and Petrochemical Spills Control and Fighting

● Floating Crane Operations and Services

● ISPS, ASCW, VTS, and heavy machinery Training and Certification

● Vessel Dry Docking Services up to 600 tons



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